Doremi New S

Do you know that the world’s got its eye on South Korean right now? Not only for their amazing K-Pop but also for the big games in South Korean. Here are some of the well known mobile games that are made in Korea and we think you have played them too.

Monster Super League

Love Pokemon? Then you will definitely love this game, with over 550 “Astromons” to collect (by capturing them in the wild or hatching eggs). Astromons live with you on your airship, where you can care for them and help them evolve into powerful new creatures. Battle against other players, or if you’re more of the PvE type, check out the daily dungeons for rewards.

Lineage 2: Revolution

An unlikely intersection of online fantasy RPG and idle clicker, Lineage 2 lets you auto-battle, auto-equip gear, and even auto-quest — so you can focus instead on the “massively multiplayer” part of “MMORPG.” Participate in 50v50 fortress sieges or open-world battles of up to 200 people, or form more intimately sized parties for raid dungeons.

Cookie Run: Oven Break

Help people-shaped cookies escape an oven in this lighthearted endless runner, featuring a variety of different playable baked goods (from classic gingerbread to costumed cookies like pirates and ninjas). Unearth cookies’ backstories, compete with players around the world in the Champions League, or race a friend one-on-one to determine which of you is the toughest cookie.