Doremi New S

“People ask me about my story, and I don’t have any excuses. I feel like I was the most horribly undisciplined person.” It is normal to see me carrying snacks all the time to stave off my hangry spells. Until one day, I realize that it is no longer normal when i realize that whenever I’d go too long between meals, low blood sugar transformed me into a very hangry – hungry+angry..

So, I seek for advise and my sister ask me if i’d be game to try on intermittent fasting for a week to see if things change. At first, I was doubting it but then I decided to try it on to become a better person..maybe?

So, what’s the big intermittent fasting is all about? The one I tried out is the time-restrictive fasting where my eating time have been set every day and I have to fast for the other 12 to 18 hours per day. Well, there is other 2 option for the intermittent fasting which is the modified fasting (5:2 diet plan) where you eat only eat 25% of your recommended daily calorie intake two days per and eat normally otherwise. The last option is the alternate fasting where you switch between periods of consuming zero-calorie foods and beverages and actually eating..

How it all started? Well, she encouraged me to o focus on eating a Mediterranean-inspired diet full of nutrient-dense fruit, veggies, lean protein, whole grains, and healthy fats versus processed foods. “People follow all sorts of different eating styles on ‘feast’ days,” she told me, “but Mediterranean-style eating plans have the largest body of evidence to suggest both weight loss or maintenance and cognitive benefits for the long term.”

Here is how I summarized my 7-days diet plan:

Day 1: Starving by 8:30 A.M., Then Panic-Eating Lunch

Day 2: Less Hunger Pains, More Major Headaches

Day 3: Ordering Out — And Skipping the Burger

Day 4: Drinking More Water Like an IF Pro

Days 5-7: Hitting the 18-Hour Fasting Mark

The results? At the end of the week, I definitely felt lighter. I also checked my measurements and apart from losing a quarter of an inch around my waist, there were no other differences in terms of my physical appearance.

I think I’d have to do IF for more than a week to get the answer to that question, and that’s not something I’m particularly interested in doing.

Do you think you could stick with intermittent fasting? Let us know by commenting below!